Monday, May 4, 2009

better late than never???


Clearly we havent been...shall we say...the most on top of things with the wedding. Haha. Last round of invites are going out tomorrow! woot woot! I had been trying to figure out a way to add RSVP...err...ESVP to our wedding blog. How lucky for me to find it right after all the invites have gone out! 

Of course it is brought to you by none other than my arch enemy- The Knot. I mean The Knot is fine and all aside from stalking me with emails about teeth bleaching and the "Top Ten Wedding Color Trends"!!! But their wedding websites have the prized gadget I've been looking for- The RSVP.

So here's a link to that. And feel free to just send an email to

Either way, we get an email notifying us of your response. I just think it's cool. 


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